Eller College of Management

The Eller College encourages you to help us understand the unethical behavior of your peers: both academic misconduct in classes and conduct that violates our core values of diversity and inclusiveness. By reporting incidents you witness you can help improve the Eller Academic Experience. Reporting on this portal is anonymous. While we generally won’t be able to take direct action, we are able to alert faculty members and make them more aware of unethical student behavior.

If you observe academic or social misconduct from a fellow student, please report the situation with as much detail as possible.

Our namesake, Karl Eller, titled his book “Integrity is All You’ve Got”. The words are painted on our walls. We have worked hard to build our academic program to incorporate a commitment to ethics including safe and secure ways to report infractions.

Please also remember that a conversation with your faculty member or advisor is always a place to start if you feel troubled and don’t need to be anonymous.

Here are some links to other University of Arizona services if you are seeking a different kind of assistance: